Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship & Fellowship Donors

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship & Fellowship Donors

This honor roll recognizes donors who created NHA scholarships in Yale College and fellowships in the graduate and professional schools with leadership annual gifts during the current 2016–2017 fiscal year, as of April 1, 2017.

Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Adams P ’15, P ’19, P ’20

Amanda and Kent Adams Scholarship

Richard C. Albright, Jr. ’85, P ’16

Albright Family Fund Scholarship

Alexandra D. Alger ’84, P ’19

Alger-Chung Family Scholarship

Hilary Alger ’84

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Gordon M. Ambach ’56

Gordon and Lucy Ambach Scholarship

James M. Anderson ’63, P ’85, P ’00

Milton H. Anderson Scholarship

Lydia Andre ’82, P ’16, P ’19

Memorial Paul Dana Naish BK ’82 Scholarship

Michael J. Arougheti ’93 and Elinor Whitely Bly ’94

Bly-Arougheti Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Auen P ’19

Norma Jean Auen Scholarship

Suzanne I. Baillie ’89

Davenport College Class of 1989 Scholarship

Andis A. Baltins ’67

Andris A. Baltins Scholarship

Edward P. Bass ’67

Edward P. Bass Scholarship

“College so far has been some of what I imagined and more of what I could never even dream. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to provide me with this experience. All experiences are valuable and have the potential to be life-changing if we let them. Thank you so much for giving me access to these incredible opportunities, and thus changing my life.”
—Amani Hill PC ’20, Nathan Hale Associates Scholar

Hilary L. Bates ’86

Nancy Graves Memorial Scholarship

J. Frederick Berg, Jr. ’66

J. Frederick Berg, Jr. ’66 Saybrook Scholarship

James Better and Nancy Marx Better ’84, P ’15, P ’17, P ’19

Nancy and James Better Scholarship

Marc Allen Broach ’83, P ’13

Anna Vega ’83 Scholarship

Lauren Bober Young ’85, P ’17, P ’20

Young Family Scholarship

Ethan ’90 and Laura Boyer

Ethan and Laura Boyer Scholarship

Cheryl H. ’85 and Craig B. Brod ’80 J.D.

Cheryl Hader Brod and Craig B. Brod Scholarship

Robert D. Broeksmit ’85

John S. Broeksmit, Jr. ’42 Scholarship

Carla Brozovich ’05

Carla and John Brozovich Scholarship

Jane Buchan ’86

James A. Driscoll Scholarship

Rabbi Buchdahl and Jacob Buchdahl ’94

Professor Paula Hyman Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Berkeley Bynum ’86

Herb Berkeley ’55 Scholarship

John F. Callahan, Jr. ’80

Jack and April Callahan ’80 Scholarship

Arthur J. Calton ’54

Charles E. Townsend Memorial Scholarship

Mark M. Carhart ’88

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

John K. Carroll ’77

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Charles B. Casper ’74

Charles B. Casper Scholarship

Dana J. Chasin ’83

Chasin Yale Philosophy Scholarship

Joan Waugh Cho ’85

Yon and Francie Cho Scholarship

Henry Christensen III ’66, P ’91, P ’94

Gustavus A. Christensen ’94 Scholarship

Sung-Lip Steve Chun ’92

Steve Chun Scholarship

Jonathan Coblentz ’82

George Veronis Scholarship

Marc R. Cohen ’81, ’84 J.D.

Jonathan and Martha Cohen Scholarship

Daniel C. Cohn ’75, P ’09

Daniel C. Cohn Scholarship

Sally Cole ’84

Desmond Francis Patrick Cole Memorial Scholarship

Professor David Coles ’73, ’83 Ph.D.

David Coles Scholarship

Charles W. Cook, Jr. ’56

Charles W. Cook, Jr. ’56 Scholarship

James M. Coombe ’81

V. Anderson Coombe ’48 Scholarship

Peter R. Coombe ’83, P ’20 and Betty Y. Chen ’92, P ’20

Dr. Richard C. Lewis Scholarship

Charles H. Critchlow ’72

Mary Ellen Critchlow Memorial Scholarship

Alice Welt Cunningham ’71 and Daniel P. Cunningham

Samuel L. Welt Memorial Scholarship

James D. Dana, Jr. ’82 and Kathryn E. Spier ’85

James Dwight Dana ’54 Scholarship

Michael A. Del Balso ’66

Del Balso Family Scholarship

Eric H. Delbridge ’96

Delbridge Family Scholarship

William J. Donahoe ’82, ’86 MBA

Boal Scholarship

Naomi S. Donnelley ’93, ’98 M.D.

Strachan-Donnelley ’64 Scholarship

Donna L. Dubinsky ’77

Donna L. Dubinsky ’77 Scholarship

R. Kemerer Edwards ’49

Yale College Class of 1949 Memorial Scholarship

Margot T. Egan ’77

Gordon Bradford Tweedy Memorial Scholarship

Brett K. Fisher ’85

George H. Fisher Scholarship

Julie ’88 B.A. and Greg Flynn ’92 M.A.

Julie ’88 B.A. and Greg ’92 M.A. Flynn Fellowship

Julie Appelbaum Flynn ’88

Julie Applebaum Flynn Scholarship

David B. Fortunoff ’91

Louis Fortunoff ’86 Memorial Scholarship

John M. Fowler ’71

William E. Fowler, Jr. ’42 Memorial Scholarship

Richard K. Freedman ’86, ’90 MPPM

Yale College Class of 1986 Scholarship

Cory G. Gaffney ’99

Thomas and Donna Gaffney Scholarship

Judith Monique Gallent ’85

Gallent-Metzner Family Scholarship

Richard Samuel Gardiner ’89

Florence Gwendolyn Gardiner Scholarship

Allan M. Gerrish ’59, ’63 Ph.D.

Gerrish Foundation Scholarship

Melissa Ellis Glassman, M.D. ’96 and Kenneth Eli Glassman ’94

Melissa and Kenneth Glassman Scholarship

Mark Gordon ’90

Mark Gordon ’90 Scholarship

Thomas E. Graham, Jr. ’72

Thomas and Mary Graham Scholarship

Edward J. Greenberg ’59

Edward and Susan Greenberg Scholarship

Clifford R. Gross ’85

Gross-Carter Family Scholarship

Laurie Grotstein ’85, P ’18

James and Susan Grotstein Memorial Scholarship

Jon Michael Gruenberg ’95

Gruenberg Family Scholarship

Burton K. Haimes ’65

Burton K. Haimes Scholarship

Azita G. Hamedani ’95, ’00 MPH, ’00 M.D.

Mason-Hamedani Scholarship

Robert H. Hanson ’63

Robert H. Hanson ’63 Scholarship

William B. Hart ’65, P ’03

William B. Hart Scholarship

Bernd Haubold and Catalina Sanz de Santamaria P ’19

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Ellen Bronfman Hauptman ’91 and Andrew G. Hauptman ’91

Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman Scholarships

Mr. David W. Held and Ms. Lisa J. Fisher P ’17

Fisher Held Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Herzer ’67

David and Sharon Herzer Scholarship

Robert A. Hetherington III ’64

Rebecca M. Hetherington Scholarship

Rena and Scott Hoffman P ’17

Rena and Scott Hoffman Scholarship

“I want to thank you for providing me the invaluable gift of education. Your altruistic concern, for students such as myself, has opened up a gateway of opportunities for me at Yale University. I am grateful for your magnanimity, which in turn has allowed me to study at the greatest university in the world. You have not only made my dream of attending Yale University a reality, but you have also given me a gift that no one can ever take from me—the gift of education.”
—David Li TC ’20, Nathan Hale Associates Scholar

Janice L. Honigberg ’79

Joel D. Honigberg Scholarship

Thomas R. Hood ’69

Charles T. Kountze, Class of 1892 Scholarship
Denman Kountze Sr., Class of 1924 Scholarship
Jonathan Waxman Scholarship
The Paul F. Festersen ’61 Memorial Scholarship
Tyler B. Gaines, Class of ’46 Scholarship

Elinor L. Hoover ’89

Elinor L. Hoover Scholarship

Jeffrey A. Hornstein ’86

Jeffrey A. Hornstein Scholarship

Alan M. Horton ’65

Alan M. Horton Scholarship

Jonathan T.B. Howe ’84

Jonathan Trumbull Backus Howe ’84 Scholarship

Charles E. Hoyt ’59

Charles E. Hoyt ’59 Scholarship

Christopher W. Hunt ’90

Walter A. Hunt, Jr. ’63, ’67 M.Arch. Scholarship

Khe ’01 and Lisa Hy

Hy Family Scholarship

Dr. Harris Hyman III ’51

Harris Hyman III, M.D. Scholarship

William T. Hyman ’80

William and Sarah Hyman Scholarship

James C. Israel ’90

Israel Family Scholarship

Rachel Jacoff ’77 Ph.D.

John Freccero Fellowship

Brian ’91 and Sarah Jamieson

James Clifford and Margaret Clay Scholarship

Reuben Jeffery III ’75, P ’12

Reuben Jeffery Jr. ’44 Memorial Scholarship

Charles B. Johnson ’54

William E. Stout ’54 Scholarship

Regina Klein Jorasch ’85

Craig and Gina Klein Jorasch ’85 Scholarship

Anne Wallace Juge ’85

Jean and David W. Wallace ’48 Scholarship

Dr. Gustavo Justines ’67 MPH

Dr. William Downs Memorial Fellowship

Caroline A. Kaplan ’87

Allan S. Kaplan ’57 Davenport Scholarship

Jeffrey D. Karpf ’89

Jeffrey Karpf ‘89 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ’72 B. Ketchum P ’11, P ’13, P ’13

Yale College Scholarship

Nasir Hasan Khan ’89

Rizwana Arshad Kahn Scholarship

Robert E. Kleiger ’56

Frank and Fannie Kleiger Scholarship

Albert J. Ko ’98 and Reiko Miura-Ko ’98

Miura-Ko Family Scholarship

John V. Koerber ’76

Eddie Vedder Scholarship

Bong Young Koh ’94

Bong Koh Brothers Scholarship

Karin Kricorian ’94

Alice Kricorian Family Scholarship

John Jawon Ku ’01

Chung and Sue Ku Scholarship

Kevin Kwong ’99

W.B. Kwong and K.W. Lee Scholarship

Ronald H. Lamey ’58

Ronald H. Lamey Scholarship

Dr. Oanh H. Lauring ’91 and Dr. Joshua Lauring ’90

HongSon Tran and Lily Hue Tran Scholarship

John H. Lavely, Jr. ’65

John H. Lavely, Jr. Scholarship

James A. Lawrence ’74

Lawrence Family Scholarship

Patricia J. Villareal and Thomas S. Leatherbury, Esq. ’76, ’79 J.D., P ’06, P ’09

Leatherbury-Villareal Family Scholarship

Janice M. Lee ’75

Janice M. Lee Scholarship

Justine Z. Lee ’95 and Craig Allen Lee ’95

Roy S. Lee Scholarship

Min Jin Lee ’90

Matsuko Kabayama Duffy Scholarship

Suzanna Soh Lee ’91

Suzanna Soh Lee Scholarship

Andrea G. Levitt ’77 Ph.D

Sam and Hilda Levitt Fellowship

Kenneth N. Lindt ’72

Ken Lindt and Family Scholarship

Robert J. Lopez ’97

Bobby Lopez ’97 Scholarship

Matt ’82 and Lynn Leipzig P ’19

Whitney-Leipzig Scholarship

Jonathan W. Leone ’86

Katherine and Joseph Leone Scholarship

Wesley Mittman ’03 and Evan LePatner ’03

Wesley Mittman ’03 and Evan LePatner ’03 Scholarship

Shawn A. Levy ’89

Levy Family Scholarship

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman ’64

Henry Lieberman Scholarship

Robert L. Lin ’82

Lin and Kao Families Scholarship

“I want to sincerely thank you for donating the funds that support my education. Thanks to your generosity, my family can afford to send me to Yale, and I’m incredibly grateful for this. I’m completely in love with Yale, and I’m so glad to have the necessary financial support to be here. I cannot thank you enough for the world of opportunities that your generosity has opened up for me. I am thrilled to be a Yalie, and am eternally grateful for the chance to spend (what I anticipate will be) four amazing years here.”
—Maya Juman SY ’20, Nathan Hale Associates Scholar

Dr. Benjamin Liptzin ’66

Liptzin Family Scholarship

Jeffrey H. Loria ’62, P ’01

Ruth Loria Scholarship

Anne R. Lovett ’77

A. Sidney Lovett 1913 YC Scholarship

John T. Lykouretzos ’95

John T. Lykouretzos ‘95 Scholarship

Mark Lynch ’68

Elias Clark Memorial Scholarship

Cameron D. MacDougall ’98

John and Mary MacDougall Scholarship

Joel C. Magyar ’63

Joel C. Magyar Scholarship

Mehdi Asif Mahmud ’95

Mahmud Class of 1995 Scholarship

Edward P. Manley ’60

Manley Family Scholarship

David B.H. Martin, Jr. ’69

David B.H. Martin ’45W Memorial Scholarship

Randy M. Mastro ’78

Randy M. Mastro Scholarship

Robert D. McCallum, Jr. ’68, ’71 J.D.

Robert R. Birge ’68 Scholarship

Hugh R. McCombs ’68

Evan McCombs Memorial Scholarship

Gregory J. McKenna ’91 and Mary Beth McKenna ’90

Francis William Draper Scholarship

Patricia and Kenneth G. McKenna ’75, ’78 Ph.D., P ’16

McKenna Foundation Scholarship

Patricia and Kenneth G. McKenna ’75, ’78 Ph.D., P ’16

Ahmanson Foundation Scholarships

Jonathan W. Meeks ’95

Jonathan Meeks ’95 Scholarship

Meredith Snow Meeks ’96

Meredith Snow Meeks ’96 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Prakash Melwani ’16

Melwani Family Scholarship

Gary P. Mendelsohn ’91

Edith and Morris Mendelsohn Scholarship

Thomas R. Mercein ’87

Thomas Mercein Scholarship

David A. Messer ’83

Adam C. Messer ’79 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mettler P ’18

Thomas Alan Schneider ’71 Calhoun College Memorial Scholarship

Jason L. Michel ’90

Steve Bartold Scholarship

Ellen Miles ‘70 M.Phil., ‘76 Ph.D.

Mason and Julia Gross Fellowship

Marshall C. Milligan ’73

Milligan Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Milstein P ’17

Larry Milstein Scholarship

Jonathan T. Molot ’88

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Shannon Monaghan ’08

Alexander Capelluto BK ’08 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Moran P ’11, P ’17

Anne Winchester Penniman Scholarship

Andrew R. Morse ‘68

Morse Family Scholarship

Ronald Young Nam ’97

Ronald Y. Nam Scholarship
Harold Y. Nam Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M. Nelson ’85, P ’13, P ’16, P ’18

Randolph and Rona Nelson Scholarship

Talya Nevo-Hacohen ’81

Nevo-Hacohen Family Scholarship

Howard H. ’69, ’69 M.A. and Maryam R. Newman P ’02

Howard and Maryam Newman Scholarship

Jamie Nicholson-Leener ’81

Nicholson-Leener Scholarship

Kenneth J. Nolan ’83

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

John H. North ’57

John and Peggy North Scholarship

Timothy ’97 and Jessica Ogilvie ’98

Ogilvie Technology Scholarship

Reed J. Oppenheimer ’72

Reed Jules Oppenheimer Scholarship

Gilman Ordway ’47

G.O. Forward Trust Scholarship

Mr. Tunc Ozkan P ’19

Tunc Ozkan Scholarship

William J. Paul ’86 and Amy Foster Paul ’86

Cinco and Amy Paul Scholarship

David P. Pearson ’56

David P. Pearson Scholarship

Andrew J. Peck ’91

Hilary and Andrew Peck Scholarship

Patricia M. Perez ’92

Ester Garcia Scholarship

Thomas P. Perkins ’57

Tom Chittenden ’57 Scholarship

Jerrold F. Petruzzelli ’74

Petruzzelli Family Scholarship

Richard G. Phillips, Jr. ’92

What’s Your Story? Scholarship

Clemente Pinedo P ’20

Clemente and Nicola Pinedo Scholarship

John F. Pleasants ’87

Pleasants Family Scholarship

Thomas S. Pluta ’89

Thomas S. Pluta Scholarship

Abigail S. Pogrebin ’87

Abigail Pogrebin Scholarship

Richard ’85 and Emilie Powers P ’17, P ’20

The Powers Family Scholarship

Costas Procos ’92 M.A., ’94 M.Phil.

Costas Procos Fellowship

Sejal Soni Quayle, M.D. ’97

Bhadra and Pathik Soni Scholarship

Stephen and Deborah Quazzo P ’19

Ann and David Hicks Scholarship

Rachel Berek Rader ’87, P ’19

Rader Family Scholarship

Todd and Heather Beatty Raker ’90

Todd and Heather Beatty Raker ’90 Scholarship

Brian M. Reilly ’85, ’92 J.D., P ’16

Brian and Jeannette Reilly Scholarship

William K. Reilly ’62, P ’96

William K. Reilly Scholarship

Peter I. Reinhardt ’93

Peter I. Reinhardt Scholarship

Blanca and Rey Reza P ’17, P ’19

Blanca and Rey Reza Scholarship

The Rhodes Family

Magen Marcus ’91 Pierson College Memorial Scholarship

Douglas H. Riblet ’70

Holly Tabiash Riblet ’78 Scholarship

John C. Robertshaw ’88

Frederick Oldshue Robertshaw ’55 Scholarship

Isabel Rose ’90

Isabel Rose Scholarship

Laurie Marlan Rose ’79

Fern Marlan Daniel Scholarship

David E. Rosenbaum ’91

Nathan Gatter Scholarship

Bruce E. Rosenblum ’75, P ’02, P ’08

Bruce Rosenblum Scholarship

Lori Laitman Rosenblum ’75, ’76 Mus.M., P ’02, P ’08

Lori Laitman Rosenblum Scholarship

Manuel Sanchez-Rodriguez ’87

Manuel Sanchez-Rodriguez Scholarship

Miles N. Ruthberg ’73

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Susan E. Schorr ’87

Susan E. Schorr Scholarship

Dr. English Schowalter, Jr. ’57

Georges May Memorial Scholarship

Zibby Schwarzman ’98

Stacey Sanders Scholarship

James Louis Sharpe ’96

Reba H. and James M. Sharpe Scholarships

Stephen C. Sherrill ’75, P ’09, P ’14

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Thomas B. Siebens ’73

Thomas B. Siebens ’73 Scholarship

Richard L. Siewert ’86

Joseph Wood Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Steven M. Silver ’90

Dr. Lawrence Silver ’59 Memorial Scholarship

Charles R. Simonds, Jr. ’93

Simonds Family Scholarship

“I would like to thank you for your generous donations and help in allowing me to achieve one of my lifelong dreams. Growing up, I never thought a Yale education was a realistic possibility. I was thankful for having been accepted to many institutions. However, none of them compared to my Yale acceptance which imbued me with an inexplicable sense of joy that I hadn’t really felt before. Getting into Yale was one of the best things that ever happened to me and the other was getting a very good scholarship to attend Yale, without which I wouldn’t be here. Yale is a wonderful place and I will be forever grateful for your help in allowing me to be here. I cannot express to you how thankful I am.”
—Mohammad Arammash MC ’20, Nathan Hale Associates Scholar

David B. Singer ’84

David B. Singer Scholarship

Robert J. Small ’88

Dr. Christine Olsen Scholarship

David A. Sneider ’79

Richard L. Sneider Scholarship

Kevin M. Smith ’88

Angie Rodriguez Maduro Memorial Scholarships

Joseph H. Staley, Jr. ’59

Lise Chapman ’81 MBA Scholarships

Amelia T. R. Starr ’90 and Matthew Phelps Ziehl ’89

Mary Christine Warfield PC ’91 Scholarship

Joshua L. Steiner ’87

Joshua L. Steiner Scholarship

Rachel R. Stern ’87

Murray Gerstenhaber ’48 Scholarship

Lauren Lee Stone ’86, P ’20

Stone Family Scholarship

Roger L. Strong, Jr. ’79, P ’16

Roger L. Strong, Jr. ’79 Scholarship

Thomas J. Strong ’86

Strong Family Scholarship

Dr. Karen Lin Su ’93

Lin-Su Family Scholarship

Elliot Jay Sussman, M.D. ’73

Elliot J. Sussman, M.D. Scholarship

Richard S. Swingle ’66, P ’94, P ’97

Charles D. Murphy III ’66 Memorial Scholarship

Alexis E. Te, M.D. ’84

Te Family Scholarship

C. Christopher Trower ’70

Alison Fletcher Scholarship

Jane E. Veron ’86 and Andrew Feldstein P ’16

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Larry R. Veselka ’73

Dick Jauron Scholarship

Matt Wallach ’94

Matt Wallach ’94 Scholarship

Allen Wang ’92

Allen Wang Scholarship

Howard Wang ’95

Howard Wang ’95 Scholarship

Richard S. Ward ’62E, P ’06

Elias Sayre Ward ’31 Scholarship

Douglas A. Warner III ’68, P ’04

Henry E. Fuldner Scholarship

David C. Weyerhaeuser ’86

Elizabeth Weyerhaeuser Memorial Scholarship

Douglas Z. Wick ’76

Wick Family Scholarship

Nadine Bell ’87 J.D. and Bart H. Williams ’84, ’87 J.D.

Nadine Bell and Bart Williams Scholarship

Scott and Linden Wise ’74

Scott and Linden Wise Scholarship

Honorable Christopher A. Wray ’89 and Ms. Helen H. Wray ’89

Christopher and Helen Wray Scholarship

Emerson Yip ’94

Emerson Yip ’94 Scholarship

Stephen M. Youngwood ’91

Youngwood Family Scholarship

Lori Goldman Zbar ’94 and Brett I.W. Zbar ’94

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Anonymous Donors (Seven)

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarships

Anonymous Donors

Central Park Scholarship
Christina Seix Dow Scholarship
David D. Coffin ’43 Scholarship
John C. White III ’66 Memorial Scholarship
Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Scholarship
Michael Z. Gravitz Scholarship
Ole Bruun Scholarship
Roger Gollub M.D. ’77 Memorial Scholarship
Yale College Class of 2017, Davenport College Scholarship
Yale College Class of 2017, Jonathan Edwards College Scholarship