News for the Nathan Hale Associates | Fall 2018

Honor Roll of Donors

Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship & Fellowship Donors

Donors who created NHA scholarships in Yale College and fellowships in the Graduate School with leadership annual gifts during the 2012–2013 fiscal year.


Jason Alexander and Daena E. Title P ’14

A & A Scholarship

Alexandra D. Alger ’84

Alger-Chung Family Scholarship

Lydia Andre ’82, P ’16

Lydia Andre ’82 Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’55

Yale College Class of 2012 Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’67

Dr. Anthony Obiorah Chude Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’73

Yale College Class of 2013, Trumbull College Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’73

Yale College Class of 2013, Pierson College Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’73

Yale College Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’81

Yale College Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’83

Yale College Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’85

Yale College Class of 1985 Scholarships

Anonymous Donor ’88

Mary Channing Stokes Schumacher Scholarship

Anonymous Donor ’90

David D. Coffin Scholarship

Anonymous Donor P ’15

Parents Fund Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

Grant R. Babyak ’88

Babyak Family Scholarship

We feel strongly about supporting the university through annual gifts, and we value the impact of a Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship.
—James Better and Nancy Marx Better ’84, P ’15, P ’17

Suzanne I. Baillie ’89

Davenport College Class of 1989 Scholarship

Norman D. Baker, Jr. ’60, P ’89

Howard C. Baker 1910 and Norman D. Baker 1915 Scholarship

William E. Benson ’65

Victor Brombert Scholarship

J. Frederick Berg, Jr. ’66

J. Frederick Berg, Jr. ’66 Saybrook College Scholarship

James Better and Nancy Marx Better ’84, P ’15, P ’17

Nancy and Jamie Better Scholarship

John A. Biek ’84

John A. Biek and Christina J. Norton Scholarship

Alan S. Bigman ’88

Joseph A. Gilman Scholarship

Laurence K. Billett ’76

Billett Scholarship

John L. Blundin ’63

Henry Higgins Blundin Memorial ’56 Scholarship

Philip E. Bowles ’73

Kimson Plaut ’73 Memorial Scholarship

Mark Allen Broach ’83, P ’13

Anna Vega ’83 Memorial Scholarship

Cheryl Hader ’85 and Craig B. ’80 J.D. Brod P ’17

Cheryl Hader Brod and Craig B. Brod Scholarship

Robert D. Broeksmit ’85

John S. Broeksmit, Jr. ’42 Scholarship

Stafford R. Broumand, M.D. and Laura Tisch-Broumand P ’16

Saul P. Steinberg Scholarship

Matthew T. Browne ’90

Dorothy and Torrence Chestnut Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Berkeley Bynum ’86

Herb Berkeley ’55 Scholarships

Joseph and Jane Castle ’94

Jane M. Castle ’94 Scholarship

Roger W. Challen ’68

Thomas M. McLaughlin ’68 Memorial Scholarship

Justin T. Chang ’89

Justin T. Chang ’89 Scholarship

Dana J. Chasin ’83

Chasin Yale Philosophy Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chung P ’16

Chung Family Scholarship

Daniel C. Cohn, Esq. ’75, P ’09

Daniel C. Cohn, Esq. Scholarship

Joseph B. Collinson ’63

Joseph B. Collinson Scholarship

Charles W. Cook, Jr. ’56

Charles W. Cook, Jr. ’56 Scholarship

Richard G. Corey ’68

R.G. Corey Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Alfonso A. Costa P ’08, P ’11

Mary Kathryn Costa Scholarship

Richard F. Czaja ’71, ’74 J.D., P ’12, P ’12

Richard F. Czaja Scholarship

Monica A. Dalrymple ’92, ’96 M.D.

Danuta Medynski Scholarship

Susan F. Daly ’78

MC Scholarship Foundation Nathan Hale Associates Scholarship

James D. Dana, Jr. ’82 and Kathryn E. Spier ’85

James Dwight Dana ’54 Scholarship

Mark T. DeAngelis ’92

Mark and Denise DeAngelis Scholarship

Beth Ann Ditkoff, M.D. ’85

Adele Helen Ditkoff Scholarship

Bill Donahoe ’82, ’86 MBA and Kris Klein

Boal Scholarship

Michael E. Donovan ’98

Michael and Ashleigh Donovan Scholarship

Donna L. Dubinsky ’77

Donna L. Dubinsky ’77 Scholarship

John P. C. Duncan, Esq. ’71 and Anita M. Sarafa P ’03

Sarafa-Duncan Family Fund Scholarship

R. Kemerer Edwards ’49

Yale College Class of 1949 Memorial Scholarship

Richard K. Elbaum ’88

Richard K. Elbaum and Family Scholarship

William C. Fix ’48

Roy G. Hemming ’49 Scholarship

Julie Appelbaum Flynn ’88

Julie Applebaum Flynn Scholarship

John M. Fowler ’71

William E. Fowler, Jr. ’42 Memorial Scholarship

Christopher A. Franck ’87

Franck Family Scholarship

Frederick Frank ’54, P ’16

Fred Frank ’54 Fifth Reunion Challenge Scholarship

Frederick Frank ’54 and Mary Tanner P ’16

Frederick Frank Scholarship

Jane E. Freedman ’84

Jane E. Freedman ’84 Scholarship

Richard K. Freedman ’86, ’90 MPPM

Yale College Class of 1986 Scholarship

Cory G. Gaffney ’99

Thomas and Donna Gaffney Scholarship

Lucy K. Galbraith ’85, P ’16

Lucy and Steve Galbraith Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Gellman P ’16

David and Sheri Gellman Scholarship

Allan M. Gerrish ’59, ’63 Ph.D.

Gerrish Foundation Scholarship

Melanie A. Ginter ’78, ’81 M.S., P ’15

Melanie Ginter Scholarship

Melanie A. Ginter ’78, ’81 M.S. and John S. Lapides ’72, P ’15

Robert E. Lapides ’39 Scholarship

Enrique F. Gittes ’61 and Lois Severini

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Scholarship

Frederick A. Godley III, M.D. ’77

Frederick A. Godley, Jr. Scholarship

Supporting a Nathan Hale Associates Scholar is a special experience. I am delighted to assist a student through the Alumni Fund.
—Melanie A. Ginter ’78, ’81 M.S., P ’15

Thomas E. Graham, Jr. ’72

Mary E. Graham Scholarship

William R. Handelman ’53

William R. Handelman Scholarship

Frederick O. Hanser ’63

William R. Dimeling ’63 Memorial Scholarship

Robert H. Hanson ’63

Robert H. Hanson ’63 Scholarship

Stephen J. Harrick ’93

Harrick Family Scholarships

Gregory P. Ho ’74

Justa Sanchez and Marjorie P.K. Ho Scholarship

Robert W. Hogan ’85

Robert W. Hogan Scholarship

Chad Everett Hoitink, M.D. ’96

Hoitink Family Scholarship

Howard M. Holtzmann ’42, ’47 J.D.

Professor Andrew Morhouse Scholarship

Janice L. Honigberg ’79

Joel D. Honigberg Scholarship

Elinor L. Hoover ’89

Elinor L. Hoover Scholarship

Jonathan T.B. Howe ’84

Jonathan Trumbull Backus Howe ’84 Scholarship

Marie Oh Huber ’83

Marie Oh and John Huber Scholarship

William T. Hyman ’80

William and Sarah Hyman Scholarship

Reuben Jeffery ’75, P ’12

Reuben Jeffery, Jr. ’44 Memorial Scholarship

Adrian H. Jones ’87 and Nina A. S. Jones ’87

Nina and Adrian Jones Scholarship

Thomas F. Judson, Jr. ’67

Thomas F. Judson, Jr. Scholarship

Darlene M. Kaplan ’78 and Stephen E. Zuckerman ’74 MFA, P ’12

William M. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship

David G. Kaytes ’76, P ’08

Kaytes Scholarship

Arthur H. Kern ’68

Kern Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ’72 B. Ketchum P ’11, P ’13

Yale College Scholarships

Dr. Barbara DeGrange ’73 and Stephen J. Kieran ’73

Barbara DeGrange Kieran ’73 Scholarship

Mason J. O. Klinck, Sr. ’48

Mason J. O. Klinck, Sr. Scholarship

Christopher W. Knight and Victoria Lynch-Knight P ’15

Edward Ford Knight ’32 Scholarship

Albert J. Ko ’98 and Reiko Miura-Ko ’98

Miura-Ko Family Scholarship

Jeffrey P. Koplan ’66, P ’99

Koplan Family Scholarship

William A. Kramer ’63

William R. Dimeling ’63 Memorial Scholarships

John J. Ku ’01

Chung and Sue Ku Scholarship

Ronald H. Lamey ’58

Ronald H. Lamey Scholarship

I am looking forward to meeting my scholar the next time I am in New Haven and hope to stay in contact in the coming years.
—Thomas S. Leatherbury, Esq. ’76, ’79 J.D., P ’06, P ’09

Curtis E. ’92 Large and Anne Handwerger Large ’90

Curt and Anne Large Scholarship

Dr. Josh Lauring ’90

Beverly and Lewis Lauring Memorial Scholarship

Thomas S. Leatherbury, Esq. ’76, ’79 J.D., P ’06, P ’09

Leatherbury-Villareal Family Scholarship

Herbert K. Lee ’66

Herbert Lee Scholarship

Suzanna Soh Lee ’91

Suzanna Soh Lee Scholarship

Wesley Mittman ’03 and Evan LePatner ’03

Wesley Mittman ’03 and Evan LePatner ’03 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Levin P ’14, P’16

Levin Family Scholarship

Dr. Nelson L. Levy ’63

Nelson Levy ’63 Family Scholarship

Richard S. Lincer ’75

Richard and Ellen Lincer Scholarship

James E. Lineberger ’59

Clayton W. Morse ’25 Memorial Scholarship

Charles G. Lubar ’63

Charles G. Lubar Scholarship

Bruce H. MacLeod, Jr. ’67

Marjorie W. Pierce Scholarship

Joel C. Magyar ’63

Joel C. Magyar Scholarship

Hugh R. McCombs, Esq. ’68

Evan McCombs Memorial Scholarship

Christopher K. McLeod ’77

McLeod Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Prakash Melwani P ’16

Melwani Family Scholarship

David A. Messer ’83

Adam C. Messer ’79 Scholarship

Katherine B. Michel ’93

Katherine B. Michel ’93 Scholarship

Nathan Milikowsky ’63, P ’03

Nathan Milikowsky Scholarship

Andrew R. Morse ’68

Morse Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Morse ’77, P ’10, P ’12, P ’13, P ’17

Stacey C. and Robert R. Morse Family Scholarship

William J. Mulrow ’78, P ’12, P ’14, P ’16

Michael and Ellen Mulrow Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M. Nelson ’85, P ’13, P ’16

Randolph and Rona Nelson Scholarships

Talya Nevo-Hacohen ’81

Nevo-Hacohen Family Scholarship

Dianne and Timothy O’Connor ’88

Richard D. O’Connor Scholarship

Dr. Andrew J. Oh ’91

Oh Family Scholarship

Laurie B. and Scott D. Oki P ’13

Joyce Radovich Bellio Scholarship

Elisabeth Gardner Ostrow ’86

Yale College Class of 2003 Scholarship

Claudia T. Overstrom ’89

Overstrom Scholarship

David P. Pearson ’56

David P. Pearson Scholarship

Thomas P. Perkins ’57

Don Roberts ’57 Scholarship

Drake Pike ’73

Hugh Stimson ’53, ’59 Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship
B. Preston Schoyer ’33 Memorial Scholarship
Samuel Martin ’50 Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship

Thomas S. Pluta ’89

Thomas S. Pluta Scholarship

Abigail S. Pogrebin ’87

Abigail Pogrebin Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Pratt P ’01

Marsha and Peter Pratt Scholarship

Kathryn M. Quigley ’82

Kathryn M. Quigley Scholarship

Rachel Berek Rader ’87

Rader Family Scholarship

Brian M. Reilly ’85, ’92 J.D., P ’16

Brian M. Reilly Scholarship

William K. Reilly ’62, P ’96

William K. Reilly Scholarship

Peter I. Reinhardt ’93

Peter I. Reinhardt Scholarship

Brent Kirk ’76 Memorial Foundation

Brent Kirk ’76 Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth S. Right ’98

Stacey Sanders ’98 Memorial Scholarship

John C. Robertshaw ’88

Frederick Oldshue Robertshaw ’55 Scholarship

Douglas O. Robson ’87

Douglas O. Robson Scholarship

Arthur M. Rogers, Jr. ’63

Arthur M. Rogers ’33 Scholarship

Earl J. Rusnak, Jr. ’53

Sandra K. Rusnak Scholarship

Miles N. Ruthberg ’73

Stanley Ruthberg Memorial Scholarship

Todd C. Sandoz ’93

Davenport Class of ’93 Scholarships

William A. Sarraille ’85

Jacquelyn and John Sarraille Scholarship

David I. Schamis ’95

Becky and David Schamis Scholarship

Daniel J. Schmechel ’82 and Wilhelmina M. Wright ’86

Master Charles Davis Scholarship

Benno C. Schmidt ’63, ’66 J.D., P ’03

Benno Schmidt Scholarship

S. Andrew Schulman ’85 and Elizabeth K. Maurer ’85

Dr. Elliott A. Yolles ’66 Scholarship

Stacy H. Schusterman ’85

Stacy Schusterman ’85 Scholarships

Steven A. Seidman ’87

Luba and Steven Seidman Scholarship

Frank A. Sena ’92

Frank A. Sena Scholarship

James Louis Sharpe ’96

Reba H. and James M. Sharpe Scholarship

James B. Sherwood ’55

James B. Sherwood Scholarship

Brian Y. Shin ’86, P ’16

Nam Shin Scholarship

David A. Sneider ’79

Richard L. Sneider Scholarship

Bruce P. Spoon ’53, ’60 J.D.

Bruce Spoon Scholarship

Paul E. Stanzler ’73

Dr. Howard Koh ’73, ’77 M.D. Scholarship

Joshua L. Steiner ’87

George P. Caulkins Scholarship

Rachel R. Stern ’87

Murray Gerstenhaber ’48 Scholarship

Roger L. Strong, Jr. ’79, P ’16

Roger L. Strong, Jr. ’79 Scholarship

Edwin P. Su and Karen Lin Su ’93

Edwin P. Su and Karen Lin Su Scholarship

Elliot Jay Sussman, M.D. ’73

Elliot Jay Sussman Scholarship

Richard S. Swingle ’66, P ’94, P ’97

Russ Crawford ’66 Memorial Scholarship

Harri V. Taranto ’76

Rosalind J. Forse Memorial Scholarship

Alexis E. Te, M.D. ’84

Te Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Tisch P ’16

Iho Mark Stern Scholarship

Donald P. Traubert ’13

Donald P. Traubert ’13 Scholarship

Jane E. Veron ’86 and Andrew Feldstein P ’16

Andrew T. Feldstein and Jane E. Veron ’86 Scholarship

Barbara Wagner ’73

Barbara Wagner ’73 Scholarship

David W. Wallace ’45, P ’85

David W. Wallace Scholarship

As an alumnus living in Hong Kong, being connected to a scholar makes me feel a little bit closer to campus.
—Howard Wang ’95

Andrew M. Wallach ’80, P ’12

Miriam and Morris Nelson Scholarship

Martin Wand ’63

Wand Family Scholarship

Howard Wang ’95

Howard Wang ’95 Scholarship

Richard S. Ward ’62E, P ’06

Elias Sayre Ward ’31 Scholarship

John W. Watling III ’57, P ’98

Thomas Chittenden ’57 Scholarship

Antonio Weiss ’88

Robert K. McIntosh Memorial Scholarships

John C. Wellemeyer ’59

Edith and Elmer Wellemeyer Scholarships

Philip B. Weymouth III ’87

Weymouth Legacy Scholarship

Michael S. Wilder ’63, P ’94

Marjorie Levitin Wilder Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Williams P ’15

Janice Savin Williams and Christopher J. Williams Scholarship

Riley J. Williams III, M.D. ’87

Williams Family Scholarship

Danny Woo, M.D. ’83

Danny Woo, M.D. Scholarship

Todd B. Wyche ’91

Wyche Family Scholarship

Lauren Bober Young ’85

Young Family Scholarship